Attend our webinar and learn:
  • Why there is no simple solution to attracting and retaining talent
  • How a new perspective can help you thrive in a talent-scarce environment
  • How you can create a unique strategy for your organization

Any HR leader employed in this decade has experienced the challenge of meeting their organization's needs for talent. And we know that the organization with the best talent wins. But scarce resources, changing demographics and outdated corporate policies have culminated in organizations feeling helpless and having the impression of a win-lose framework with the competition.

During this hour-long webinar, Point B Organizational Effectiveness experts Tammy Munson and Megan Work will help crack the code on successful talent strategy. Bring your questions and insights. This is an interactive session.

This webinar is designed both for executives and leaders who are accountable for acquiring or managing talent in their organization, and for leaders who rely on a solid talent strategy to execute on their organization's critical objectives.

Tammy Munson and Megan Work are leaders in Point B's Organizational Effectiveness practice. They have led a wide variety of clients across all industries through large-scale change management initiatives and helped develop better talent acquisition strategy and operations.

Tammy Munson

Principal, Organizational Effectiveness, Point B

Megan Work

Principal, Organizational Effectiveness, Point B


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