Putting speed and accurate data recovery into the hands of the user is vital, especially in certain mission-critical environments. In these types of situations, having choices over how you recover data, or automating vital tasks can simply be essential.

Find out better ways to back up and restore large MySQL databases. In this webcast, learn about Bacula Enterprise's approach by:

  • Finding out better ways to backup and restore MySQL data
  • Enjoying faster data recovery times for users of MySQL and Percona Tools
  • Learning how to ensure consistency of the entire database backup, resulting in especially fast restore times
  • Point In Time Recovery
  • Learning how to remove the need to lock your database during the backup
  • Use this webcast to find out how IT departments of any size can improve their backup and recovery of any flavour of MySQL, and seamlessly add in these new capabilities with all the other many databases in their working environment!

    Frank Barker, CEO, Bacula Systems
    Arno Lehmann, Senior Engineer, Bacula Systems

    Frank started his IT career with Hewlett-Packard in the UK, rising through Support and Sales and into Management before moving to the EMEA headquarters in Geneva to run their Telco, Financial Services and Global Accounts businesses. He subsequently ran Hewlett Packard's Consulting and Systems Integration business across EMEA, then moved to the US to set up a worldwide Division around cloud computing. Prior to Bacula Systems he was CEO and Managing Director for several technology companies in software and security and has a track record of successfully growing technology companies.

    Arno Lehmann is a founder of Bacula Systems. He has over 20 years experience in data backup and recovery, with a speciality in providing Consulting and Support for open-source software. Arno's focus today is on Bacula, Advanced Data Backup techniques, and Nagios. Arno graduated in Information Technology from the University of Göttingen in Germany.


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