In times of crisis, we all need experts to help us illuminate the path.

Join us for our 2021 Digital Summit, beginning Tuesday 2 February, where we'll be streaming four live sessions over a two-week period direct to your door. All you need to participate is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.


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The global pandemic of 2020 has forced society to change. We take a look at what these changes are and the impact they will have in a post-pandemic environment on retirement and the next generation.

Keynote speaker: Thimon De Jong

Futurist in Business, Society and Technology

Thimon De Jong

Thimon looks beyond the gimmicks of what the future might hold and considers how it will actually affect our lives, our jobs and our customers. He is an experienced trend specialist and consultant who puts societal changes and the dynamic behaviour of people in a strategic business perspective. He captivates national and international audiences with his passionate, energetic and valuable presentations.


We look ahead at how financial markets will evolve after a period of great disarray, shining a light on the new dawn that financial markets are entering.

Keynote speaker: Roger Bootle

Chairman of Capital Economics

Roger Bootle

Roger is a former HSBC Chief Economist and winner of the Wolfson Prize for his and his team's study on how a country would leave the Euro. Speaking without hyperbole, Roger weighs up the arguments for 'hard' and 'soft' outcomes, explores how trading relationships might work and considers the concerns of key industries and the implications for Scotland. He also looks at the potential impact of technology and AI on business, policy making and the wider economy.


The less spoken about 'S' of ESG includes items such as health and safety, human rights, labour rights and equality, all of which were flung into the spotlight in 2020 as the global pandemic hit and the world was thrown into forced lockdown. How has the asset management industry evolved and what are the challenges in assessing 'S'?

Keynote speaker: Adele Blakebrough MBE

Chief Executive Officer, Social Business Trust

Adele Blakebrough

Adele has helped companies such as Sony, Coca-Cola, and O2 to implement CSR strategies. She strongly believes that big businesses can learn lessons from the third sector, as well as charities learning from the corporate world. Adele's strength as a speaker is to connect her own world with the worlds of her audience.


The world's energy diet is changing with a greater emphasis on the process of electrifying society. This is presenting a wealth of opportunities in the private markets sector - how can investors capitalise on this?

Keynote speaker: Will Whitehorn

President, UKspace and Chair, Good Energy PLC

Will Whitehorn

As Richard Branson's right-hand man, Will took the space tourism venture, Virgin Galactic, from a vague dream to a project with real spacecraft and its own spaceport. Now involved in businesses from communication to tech to cutting-edge transport systems, including as a long-term non-exec with online estate agents Purplebricks, Will also considers brand, disruption and innovation in a world of fast-changing technology and increasing customer expectations.